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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend Hiatus & Other Random-nosity

So I've been pretty busy the last few days and haven't been able to really compile all of my adventures, but I am free now (kind of, I am semi-listening to my chatty sis-tehe), so I will fill you all in.

My weekend was pretty awesome.  I started prepping for my amazing weekend with the fam on Thursday after work.  Cait and I pretty much cleaned like freaks to get our apartment spic 'n' span, and ready for the fam-jam.  Of course I had trouble sleeping that night (they were arriving Friday morning).  It was like that "too excited to sleep" feeling that I usually only get before Christmas.  So Friday I unfortunately still had one class, which lasted all of like 20 minutes, and then my weekend really began!  (BTW: it was like spring in Ottawa on Friday; I went to class in my sweater!)

The weekend was overall pretty awesome, although a tad bit cold (though not colder than it has been in the past few weeks, which I continually reminded my family!)  Went for a movie, checked out some Winterlude activities, went to Cora's for breakie (a must!), ordered some pizza and Chinese, and of course did some shopping.  The canal finally opened up for a few kilometers on Sunday, so we were able to walk along that for a bit.  Then we flew back home, into a bona fide snow-storm from Toronto to home.  Seriously!  Thank Goddess my sister's boyfriend's sister (say that 3 times fast!) and her husband live in Cambridge, and they were able to come pick us up and let us stay the night! We really cannot thank them enough☺

Anywhoooosle... Here I am now, back in the Fo/Wyoming (no, not in the US), where my family gets to share me whilst I am home :)
Today is my sister Heather's turn with me, and let me say she has utilized her time well.  We rearranged her entire living room (like 3 times)!  But I loved every minute of it♥

Unfortunately I missed Glee last night, but I cannot be without it for long (it's already starting to affect my day-to-day tasks, I swear), so more on that later.

Other Random things that have happened since my last blog post, and the overall state of things:
     -I am in the process of transcribing/amalgamating the 5 versions of Chapter One of The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels.  Has anyone else finished theirs, and if so, what do you think?

     -So I pretty much continually Google News (like more than once a day) the Hunger Games movie in order to see if they have done the casting yet.  Apparently I have been slacking in that department because it seems as though they have already cast someone for Peeta Mellark, and are thinking of casting some wannabe star for the stat, Katniss Everdeen.  If this happens, so help me, I will kill someone.  Like seriously, I don't care how much Alyson Stoner wants it, she is not the right choice.  I mean, come on, she was on Camp Rock.  You cannot do Disney and do deep (unless you are Zac Efron...i love you), and certainly not try it out on something like The Hunger Games, that has such a strong following.  I am seriously considering boycotting if this stupid brat gets her way, and the idea comes to fruition.  How desperate is she?  She just happened to post Twitter pictures of her climbing rocks and a tree, and is pretty much launching a campaign to be cast.  Let me let you in on a little secret honey, that only works if you are Betty White!
I need to stop now, before I damage my computer.....
But not before mentioning who IMDB lists as allegedly being cast as Peeta.  Gabriel Liotta.  Who? Don't get me wrong, casting a no one is sometimes a good idea, but he looks like a total weirdo!  And he looks nothing like Peeta.  I'm just pissed at the whole situation.  Especially when they also mention Chloe Moretz being a contender as well.  She is way too young, (she could maybe pull off Prim) need I say more?
P.S. Liam Hemsworth told the press that he wanted the role of Peeta, and I'm like, HELLO?... umm, yes PLEASE!

     -I recently watched the movie Just Go With It and it was pretty good, and especially funny.  I love Jennifer Aniston in anything, and I like about 80% of Adam Sandler's movies, this being one of them.  I loved the subtle incorporation of the usual Sandler characters, and the chemistry between the main characters was electric.  The supporting characters were also awesome, and I loved how they weren't shown in the previews, so it was like a delectable little surprise when we saw them introduced on screen.  Every single character was crucial to the overall effect of the movie, and I really cannot stress it enough: this movie is light and pleasurable, and is the perfect choice if you are looking for a good romantic comedy.

     -Justin Bieber.                        Cut.  His.  Hair.                             Woah is me, I'm so Woah.
      Apparently the Biebs gave a box of it to his long-time friend Ellen DeGeneres so she can auction it off for charity.  I cannot decide if this is smart/cute or creepy/sad...  But exciting nonetheless.  Personally I thought he would milk the hair-trend train a liiiiiittle bit longer... so it was quite a surprise to me.

So this is all I can think of right now so...

More to come--Cheers & Enjoy♥


  1. Yes Zac Efron did Disney-to-serious well, but so did Miley Cyrus! Don't forget that; The Last Song was the best movie ever!!
    And Justin Bieber is both smart($$) and creepy!


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