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Friday, February 25, 2011

En Route... (Greyhound I ♥ You)


The only word to explain how my day has turned out. So it was looking not so great at first, woke up and there was a snowstorm in progress (they seem to be emerging at the most inopportune times lately, don't they?) I always dread travelling, as it is pretty much always at least 10 hours that have been hastily stolen from my life. Today, however, I made it from London to Toronto in what I feel can only be record time, less than two hours!, allowing me to catch the bus headed to Ottawa about two hours before I had expected. Which let me tell you is just peachy for me.. I would have been completely fine with these results!

Then I see the navy-blue perfection-confection of a Greyhound bus rolling in, and I am ecstatic!

          Wifi!           Plug-ins!           Extra leg-room!
                    (it boasts on the side)

It is love at first sight. Of all the times I have made the treacherously time-consuming journey home and back, I have only been chanceuse enough like twice to ride in one of the brand new buses-and one of those times my plug was not functioning, rendering the wifi quite useless, as my computer battery quite simply sucks.

Did I mention that it has leather seats?  LOVE♥

So the weather has also turned out beautifully, and is as clear as hand sanitizer! (not really sure if this simile works).

So now I am free to blog, blog, blog!  So stay tuned for more Book reviews, as I bump along Southern Ontario!

♪On the road again--Cheers & Enjoy♥

1 comment:

  1. Neat! I didnt realize Greyhound had upgraded its buses to have wifi and stuff. I guess they're finally catching up with the 21st century.


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