A room without a book is like a body without a soul - Cicero

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Reminiscent Reads

Reminiscent Reads is a feature that Cait at A Life Like Mine and I started recently to showcase the books we have read before starting our blogs. From time to time we will choose a few, good/bad, related/not, and do a mini-review explaining a little bit about the plot and our overall opinions.
Within the feature, we have devised four different categories that will make it easier to group our previous reads:

          •Riveting - this will be for a group of books that qualify as amazing; usually four to five stars, and possibly made us cry

          •Related - this will be for a group of books that have the same author, similar themes, or other relatable morsels

          •Random - this will be for groups of books that really have nothing to do with each other, we just decided to review those books all at the same time for an obscure and/or taciturn reason

          •Rotten - this will be for books which we did not enjoy, and feel the need to spread the word, or just ramble on angrily into the digital ether

From Cait's Blog A Life Like Mine

So feel free to pass this awesome meme along the blog-o-sphere (giving credit where it's due of course) and have fun with it.

I would also like to mention as an aside that Cait (a freaking Rockstar) is completely and utterly responsible for the beauty and technical what-have-you associated with this feature. I am seriously so impressed with her decoding skills in all things html and css, as I really do not understand any of it. I am forever indebted to her for making my vision happen☺
Like seriously, I think I owe her my first-born...

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