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Monday, February 14, 2011

Live from the Grammy's...

AKA- The Grammy's are happening live right now, and I am blogging as I see them, ergo: Live :)

So I only caught like 10 minutes of the pre-Grammy red carpet show, but I did see enough to notice Rihanna, and now cannot not decide whether I absolutely hate or kinda like her dress choice.  I will say that the combination of red hair (that I feel like is loooong overdue for a change) and tinsel hoola-hoops kinda make her look like she is the mayor of Whoville... interesting.. better put me down for hating it then lol.
So one of the only other people on the red carpet that I managed to catch was Lea Michele.  She looked amazing, as per usual, but I have noticed lately that she is always showing a tremendous amount of cleave.. es-trange....

So the show opened up with a tribute to Aretha Franklin, who actually couldn't attend the awards this year because she is recovering from a hospitalization.. Don't quote me on this, but I think I read somewhere that she has cancer, so Get Well Aretha!  The tribute was executed quite dramatically, I must add, by probably the most diverse musical combination ever: Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride, Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch, and Yolanda Adams (whom I have never actually heard of).  I thought it was perfectly executed and was a very heartfelt showcase of all that talent.

Best Pop Duo or Group- Hey, Soul Sister (live) by Train
     Bahahaha, "Thanks Justin Bieber, for not being a duo or a group!"-Patrick Monahan of Train
So although I obviously would have rather seen Glee win for Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals version)-btw I like their first version of Don't Stop Believin' waaaaay better-I guess I am glad and kind of expected this song to win since it was pretty much like the most popular song this year, I mean geez... it was everywhere!  Good thing it was good enough to withstand this in my books and didn't suffer from over-played-itis :)

Ok so the Lady Gaga performance is happening now, which kind of surprises me because I figured they would leave this until near the end, although, considering she showed up (kind of?) on the red carpet in the form of an egg/womb (yes you heard that right), they clearly needed to afford her some face-time... So obvy she was not available for interviews, but apparently this was really her in the egg, and not a stand-in... this is a very creepy creative way of making your entrance, I guess...
So I do quite like this new song, and it seems almost not that creepy, perhaps this is an indication of the style of her upcoming album. One can only hope.
P.s. Her creepy shoulder-bone-skin pads are verrr verr strange... innovative?

Very cute that Blake Shelton introduced Miranda Lambert's performance.. and although I may have heard her song "The House that Built Me" a couple times before, I'm not that familiar with it... I do really like it though :)

Oooooh power-trio... sounds important, Ryan-do go on....
Yay, Bruno Mars :)   He is like fabu, even though he is way too kinda feminine.
B.o.B., one word: MAGIC♥
I love that they have catered exactly to my wants and needs, how considerate of the Grammy (committee? academy?)
Oh-em-gee, I love that it gets all retro... and YAY, that it is Grenade with a twist.
(side note, is it just me or are there only two... Bruno, yes, and Bob, yes.... so... two?)
Ok so now I see the third part of the trio... Janelle Monae... whom I don't think I am familiar with.. She is slightly familiar though (I mean that's not the most common hairstyle).

As interesting and talented as Miss Monae is, am I the only one that's noticed that there has only been one award so far... It's been an hour already!  Oooh, hold on....

Yummm... Dierks Bently♥♥

Best Female Country Vocal- The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
     I really do love Miranda Lambert, but I kinda liked all of the songs equally.  Having said that, I would have liked to see Carrie Underwood win, because I like Temporary Home like, a sliiiiiiver, more than the others, and also because I want to see what she is wearing (does that make me a horrible person?-tehe).

Is it just me, or is Eva Longoria appearing everywhere lately? Like what in the world does she have to do with the Grammy's...

Oooooh, Here we go, Justin Bieber... So let it just be stated that I am Switzerland when it comes to the Biebs...

Loved the cute Usher segue into the performance.  Hmmmm... do I like Baby à la regular or acoustic better.. I must ponder this further, later... Umm.. drums? Justin do you have African heiritage that you are keeping from us?  I luuuuuurve Never Say Never..
Whilst I watch the Biebs break it down à la Usher, I can't help but contemplate what would have happened if, let's say, Lady Gaga, discovered Justin... would he be wearing a really weird costume right now and rocking some poker-face hand action?.. just something to think about..

Ok so even though I hate that the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith seedlings seem to be taking over (cough-NEPOTISM), Jaden Smith is super cute in this song, and cutting to the camera view of the proud parents was super a-dor-able.

Um hold up, is Usher wearing a bright blue straight-jacket-space-suit hybrid?? weird......
Yumm, hello John Mayer... I see you there :)

Best Rock Album- The Resistance by Muse
     I really do not have a single thing to say about this win, or any of the nominees really, as I don't think I am quite qualified in judging, seeing as I don't know anything about them lol.. I will mention that they are the second artist to win after performing.. I wonder if this will be a trend...

Selena Gomez is super gorgeous.. Love her dress!

Best Pop Vocal Album- The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga
     This is what I love: the suspense, I mean if you ask me, it could have gone to anyone, but I am quite glad that I get to see Lady Gaga's Batman suit up close.  Woah... it is quite short, but don't worry, the crazy dominatrix boots cover up most of her legs!

David Letterman- Grammy Top 10 List, soooo funny.
     #1-Justin Bieber? Hairpiece.-Cut to Justin looking either surprised or not understanding.

I LOVE this song! The Cave - Mumford & Sons.. And yes Cait, you do know it, even though you'll think you don't!  Wow, Bob Dylan is old... But he still knows how to rock out! (Even though it sounds like there rocks coating his throat).

Ughhhhhh, so they keep saying more to come, blah blah.. Let me just sat that I am NOT looking forward to the Gweneth Paltrow-Cee Lo Green duet.  I love F*** You by Cee Lo, but I didn't like the Holly Holliday verson on Glee, and I will not like this one, I can assure you!  I also can't believe that Lady Antebellum is still performing Need You Now.. it feels like it should have been on last year's Grammy's.. maybe because it was waaaaay too overplayed last year..  I still love it though, and the rejuvenated Puck-Rachel verson on Glee♥.

Lifetime Achievement Awards- Julie Andrews, Roy Haynes, Juilliard String Quartet, the Kingston Trio, Dolly Parton, The Ramones, George Beverly Shea.

Dear Lea Michele,
                 I ♥ You...

Ok so Lady Antebellum is performing a different song, and it is amazing :)  I Love American Honey.
I take it back, they have just segued into Need You Now.. But I guess it is okay, as it kinda fits beautifully into their performance.. :)  I have to say I am really looking forward to following this promising group from here on out, they are soooo delicious.

Miley Cyrus and the Kings of Leon? Really?  I dunno, maybe her sex is on fire.....?

Best Country Album- Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
     Ok so it is really unfair to make me choose between all of the great nominees, but I must admit that Lady Antebellum definitely deserve the win. Need You Now is amazing!, and I promise I won't mention it again-tehe.

Holy Christmas, what the fruck is Cee Lo wearing??  You certainly are not an XBOX in THAT!. So I think I am now just realizing how weird Cee Lo Green is.. interesting. Um are those muppets?.. the plot thickens...

BOOOOO! Gweneth Paltrow Sucks!!  Just because you are married to someone who can sing, does not mean that you can!  That is so not how it works sweetheart..

*I really cannot convey with words exactly how ridickliss Cee Lo looks at this exact moment.... like WOW.

Neil Patrick Harris, I also Love You, and you are hilarious :)  Please be my boyfriend brother.  I also can't wait to see you in Beastly, I have only been waiting for, what, like, ever?

     "This past Monday I had the pleasure of having sex with her, on TV no less.  It left me exhausted, aroused and more than a little confused."-Neil Patrick Harris introducing Katy Perry

Katy Perry is amazing, and I love how, even though she has so many awesome and amazingly popular singles from her current album, she chose to perform a song that is not as well known, but still just as emotional and moving, and will definitely become just as popular :)
She is just so dang cute.. p.s. Her and Russell Brand are super perfect together, and I hope they last forever and ever and ever.

Bahaha Nicole Kidman singing along to Teenage Dream may just be the funniest thing of the whole show... wait what is she even doing there... oh right.. Keith Urban.. Mmmmmm, KEITH URBAN.

Ok so this is perfect, not only because I was just thinking about Keith Urban.  Not even because I also want John Mayer in my bed.  Not even because I sometimes spontaneously belt out this song (Jolene) while amongst unsuspecting friends, family members, or strangers.  This is perfect because the trio is so dang perfect together, and make it sound amazing.

Bahaha x2.. yes you stick to the script John Mayer, because you probably definitely have, like, way more daughters that you don't know about! You man slut, you.

Song of the Year- Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
     Awwww, them accepting was soooo cute, and they definitely deserve this!  So I said that I wouldn't mention it again, but clearly it was meant to be!

Seth Rogen = 1 part adorable + 2 parts hilarious!
     "This is my first time at the Grammy's.  I'm having a spectacular time so far.  I've seen things I've never seen before, and heard things I never heard before, and that wasn't even watching the show, that was backstage getting high with Miley Cyrus"     -Seth Rogen

So I am really glad that Rihanna changed (although this dress is pretty awful as well), I would hate to see what the spotlights would do to her see-through gown.  Let the record show that I am so glad that Eminem no longer has bleach-blond hair.  I'm not sure who the white girl singing was (Skylar Grey maybe?), but I quite liked it.
Cue Eminem ruining it lol.
Dr. Dre = meh...

Best New Artist- Esperanza Spalding
     Who now, what now?
     I can't believe this person I have never heard of beat out Drake, Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Sons, and the BIEBS? Like huh....?

Matthew Morrison is coming out with an album... wonder how that'll turn out...
Care not about Grammy camp.................

Mick Jagger = awesome.  'Nuff said.

MusiCares Person of the Year- Barbara Streisand
     I didn't realize how big she was in the music world until recently, because there have been so many references to her on Glee :)  But I guess she's pretty important.. maybe just before my time.  She does look very nice tonight though.

Ugh, Nicki Minaj.  Need I say more?
Yes, I need.  She is a FREAK!  Her outfit tonight is a perfect example: what is that, a leopard that got in a fight with Cruella DeVille and decided to scalp her, tease the hair into a bouffant, and then proceed to wear it?!

Best Rap Album- Recovery by Eminem
     I really did expect Drake to win this, seeing as he is ANNOYINGLY everywhere... but of course Eminem has to ruin it for him.. Its 'cause he's Canadian isn't it??

Umm.. did they just announce P. Diddy as Puff Daddy? Now I'm really confused.. I thought it was P.Diddy.. or Diddy-Dirty-Dottie-Money-Dipper... or something...

I Heart this song hardcore... Say my name... "the square root of 69 is 8 sumthin, right, cuz I've bin tryin' to work it out..." <- Love that shizat!
Be-Tee-Dubs: This third costume choice for Rihanna is actually not bad.  Way to go, baby bear!

J.Lo and Marc Anthony are actually kinda cute lol.  In a not funny kinda of way......   :|

Record of the Year- Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
     Hot dang I think I just had a heart palpitation.  That was suspenseful!  And Wow I can't believe they won again. Way to go!  There was some really tough competition up there too.  Kudos :)

Um, has Justin Bieber really not won anything yet?

Yay, Jason Segel!  He looks so incredibly dapper!

So I just looked up at the screen and there are people riding bicycles while Arcade Fire performs... random.

Album of the Year- The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
     Really?? I've only barely heard of these people, and that's because I just saw them perfrom 5 seconds ago!  Oh Hey, one of them speaks French.  They are validated.  
But seriously did they just win against Lady Antebellum, Katy Perry AND Lady Gaga?

So now the Grammy's are over, and so are my fingers from typing lol.  Also maybe my brain...
Did I really just blog for 3½ hours?
I must admit that it was a pretty good show, and had some amazing performances.
I will leave you on this note: Justin Bieber did not win a single award..... Love it or Hate it?
Don't hesitate to comment and let me know your opinion on the night :)

More After Recuperation--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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