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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Morning Mourning.....

Yes I am mourning... and even though it is technically not morning, I just woke up, so for me it is. tehe.


Back to the mourning.... I have just realized that I left my milk out all night. Travesty!  I am very upset...

Well, I guess now I shall commence what is actually interesting lol.

In addition to reading like there is no tomorrow, I also partake in watching ridiculous amounts of television.  The best nights for television by far are Mondays and Thursdays (even though Glee is on Tuesdays, it is the only thing that I watch on Tuesdays, so sadly it does not qualify).  Wednesday nights, however, do serve as a pretty good dessert for Monday and Tuesday, and a satisfying prelude to Thursdays.  The line-up is usually as follows:

 8:00     The Middle
 8:30     Better With You
 9:00     Modern Family
 9:30     Cougar Town
10:00    Off the Map

But last night, to my surprise, the line-up was slightly altered because for some reason ABC decided to not show Cougar Town until April!!!  Yes, you heard correctly, APRIL!!  As you can tell, I am slightly manic about this decision...

So because of this, fellow television-enthusiast-slash-roommate, Cait, and I watched Mr. Sunshine instead.  Which is pretty funny, and gets bonus points for having Ms Chanandler Bong in the starring role (only die-hard Friends fans will understand this amazing reference).  I didn't watch Off the Map either because I am not caught up on last week's episode, so we watched TLC instead, which really never fails to entertain.  Seriously, it is our go to channel :)  Last night was a satisfyingly juxtaposing combo of Toddlers & Tiaras and My Strange Addiction.  Let me just say that the title is spot-on chaps.

So my morning/day has started out pretty well, mainly just based on the fact that I do not have to venture out into the cold just yet.  There was a slight hitch while eating my breakfast, as Dublin (Cait's psycho cat) decided to up-chuck not too far from where I was enjoying my crunchy-creamy combination of yogurt and granola...  (More information regarding Dublin "pussy-dumpling" Torrens to come).

Well this concludes my day thus far..

Stay with me-- Cheers & Enjoy♥

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  1. LOL sounds like I'm meeting my match in TV watching. I missed Ms Chanandler Bong's (is it sad that I know pretty much every joke if the show? Don't answer that ... i'm pretty sure it is.) new show. I hope they repeat it so I can get my PVR to do its magic.


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