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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Harry Potter Re-Read-a-Ganza!: The Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

"Aaaah... when two Neptunes appear in the sky, it is a sure sign that a midget in glasses is being born, Harry..."
          -Once again, Ron entertains us with his talent in Divination; book.

"I never liked these curtains. I set them on fire in my fourth year. Accidentally, of course."
          -Dumbledore being his comical yet wise self; movie.

"They wouldn't use the Cruciatus curse on the champions. I thought it sounded a bit like Percy singing...maybe you've got to attack him while he's in the shower, Harry."
          -Fred and George up to their priceless Percy mocking once again; book.

Wow. I actually cannot believe how much I have been missing since the first time I read these books. Every expectation and opinion I have had for the Harry Potter series is heightened and strengthened as I go through this re-reading journey.

As soon as I started with the first book I knew that it would be great, of course, but things have been gaining momentum at a hasty pace, and I find that this time around, the journey is immensely emotional and surprisingly more epic. As I was reading I was thinking about how much I have changed since my first perusal of the books, which I think this has really affected the reading experience greatly, and I encourage many people to embark upon series first started in times when they were less mature, or perhaps just much younger.

I often think of books that bring me to tears (as this is probably my favourite type), but never have I associated that with the Harry Potter books (with the exception of one part in the last book). But as I keep reading through Harry's journey, I find myself getting emotional throughout the most random times, and I am constantly re-evaluating my previous thoughts of the series; which has gone from amazing to down-right awe-inspiring. I am constantly in rendered speechless at the kind of person that J.K. Rowling is, and how wise and marvelous she is. It takes a certain kind of person, and certain knowledge, imagination, and whimsy to write something so colossally outstanding.

Ok, having said all that, I really must back it up. The specific events that stood out to me in the novel were some things that I really was quite annoyed were not very well portrayed in the movie. Which I know is pretty characteristic of book to movie fandangos (as I do understand that not everything is able to be included), but I almost really feel sorry for the people who only enjoy the series in film form (at the same time, they do deserve it-pick up a book already!). When the Weasley's are present as Harry's family before the third task, I was overwhelmed with a flood of various emotions. Sirius being present was even more important, given everything I know now going into the book (that he is going to die-almost too painful for me to think about, btw). I absolutely adored whenever the big black shaggy dog was mentioned, as I feel he is the most perfect symbol of companionship. Just warms ma heart.

At the end, when Harry is back from Voldemort's clutches, and the truth has come out, when Cornelius Fudge infuriatingly refuses to believe that the Dark Lord has returned, I nearly died of anger. This forces Dumbledore to assemble all of his great allies (The Order of the Phoenix), with whom we see stick with from now until the end of Harry's journey. It all just seems so much more horribly relevant and important, and I can't help but feel that everything is just getting started.

Another heart-wrencher was Cedric's death. I don't know if I was just too naive to really encompass his death the first time around, but I felt it so strongly this time, and was even more heart-broken. When Dumbledore presents his speech about his awful death at the hands of Voldemort, it was lovely, true and scary, all at the same time. I really do wish that he didn't have to die, even though I realize that the book would not have been so good and compelling without it. I also hated when Ron was mad at Harry. Them not being friends nearly killed me, if it hadn't been for Hermione making tension-cutting coments every now and then, I don't know how I would have survived.

Other important things left out of the movie:
The ENTIRE house-elf involvement. Quite frankly, I consider this to be unforgivable. When the gang meet up with Dobby and Winky in the Hogwart's kitchens, I would have killed to see that brought to the big screen. And Hermione with her stubborn resolve to help the house-elves with S.P.E.W., despite them not wanting help. I really can't believe that this wasn't included.

The scene at the beginning of the book, when the Weasley's come to rescue Harry from the Dursley's, would have been a laugh and a half for sure! With them arriving in the boarded up chimney, all the way to when Dudley eats the tongue-engorgement taffy. It was such a funny scene, and I find myself angered even thinking about its exclusion.

So overall, I obviously already loved the series, but I really can attest to the benefits of re-reading something that seemed too big in your heart to possibly grow more; well guess what, my heart is about to explode people! I surely cannot wait another minute more...

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Haunted--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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