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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(Rotten) Reminiscent Reads (4)

Reminiscent Reads is a feature that Cait at A Life Like Mine and I started recently to showcase the books we have read before starting our blogs. From time to time we will choose a few, good/bad, related/not, and do a mini-review explaining a little bit about the plot and our overall opinions.

Today's Reminiscent Reads post is not gonna be pretty; it is one of the Rotten variety! So these carefully selected books are at the very bottom of all the books I have read thus far, that is, they rank the lowest. I know, I know, it's pretty mean, but for some reason or another, I really did not enjoy them, and I feel it is right to pass the message along for people to either listen to or debate. Either way it needs to be done. So if you disagree, just let me know. I always like hearing the other side of things :) Enjoy! (or not?)


Written by the author of two of my favourite series’ (Gossip Girl and The It Girl), Cecily Von Ziegesar astonished me when she released this stand-alone novel with a knock out cover! Well, lesson learned: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover! I absolutely hated this book. First of all, it was a ‘slice of life’ novel, and we all know my thoughts on those. Second, it just seemed to go nowhere. And fast! Hardly any of the characters interacted with each other, and when they did, it was so horribly anticlimactic. Nothing ever came to be, and the ending was horrendous! Definitely one of my least favourite books ever!


When I picked this book up, it had been on my booklist for a while, and is definitely another case in point against buying a book because of its cover. Or just overall artistic appeal, really. Which is pretty much the only thing this book has going for it. There are cute little doodles throughout, but sadly these cannot overcome the bizarre plot nor mediocre characters. There also just had to be a little Rotten cherry on top: a little bit of unrealistic, far-fetched, and completely unplausible tidbit of freakish paranormalcy that makes me cringe just thinking about! Let me just say this: even though I almost always follow through with series as a rule, I would rather eat my own eyeballs than pick up the next two installments, art and all!


This is by far the worst book I have ever read. I purchased it one day in Chapters, not ever hearing of it before, just on a whim (which is pretty rare for me), and I think that the Gods of Chapters should have smited me at that moment, crying, “No Holly! Ye shalt regreteth thisuth for the resteth of your lifeth!” Not only was this book completely insanely crazy and weird, it wasn’t even interesting, and was really just creepy. Maybe I’m just not the kind of person to like it?, I don’t know... I have pondered many an excuse. Bottom Line: no book that I have read has come close to being as horrible as this one!


After reading and really enjoying A Million Little Pieces, I thought that My Friend Leonard would be as dynamic and insightfully interesting. It was not. Marking (I think) the only book that I have never finished, My Friend Leonard did not start out well, and continued to un-woo me from then on. I do not remember that much about the book (which just reiterates my point) since it was probably about 7 years ago when I read it, but I seem to recall a death that I wasn’t too thrilled about, and really boring plot points. Overall, I think that my stance is just so ambivalent towards the book, which in my opinion is the worst feeling of all.


This was one of the few books that I read in my first year of University (ahh, I can just remember lounging on my rez room bed, when I should have been in class... Just Kidding!-maybe) and I remember choosing it because the cover promised me to be ‘glued to it’ by none other than Sophie Kinsella! I mean come on, Sophie Kinsella, my Goddess of Chick Lit and favourite all-time author! I was so crushed when I read this book, and even still question my sanity for disliking a book that Sophie put her sign of approval on! The book was just really weird. It seemed like it could, maybe, possibly be good in a kind of way that is so foreign to your everyday life, so it just has to be interesting. But when all is said and done, the effect was just so strange and the main character so unrelatable, despite all of the characteristics that I shared with her. I really was just disappointed in this book, and looking back, it seems like a waste of time.

Having said all that, I do acknowledge that not every book is suited to everyone, and opinions often vary. Sometimes it just comes down to my expectations being crushed, the book that I read previously, or just the mind set going in, but I definitely do not enjoy all the books that I read! But hey, you have to have some bad ones to make the good ones really stand out, right?

What are you waiting for? Debate Me!--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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