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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inside the mind of a Book obsessed knowledge monger...

Episode 1

This may only apply to the Canadians out there, or the International people who have varying currencies, but here goes:

What do Canadian strippers do with loonies and toonies 
at the strip club?

I mean, it doesn't really follow the same logic as American strippers, (which I have to say are the only ones I am ever exposed to in movies, TV, or books) who receive $1 bills... Do they have some kind of satchel, strategically placed to not cover up the very 'special spots' earning them said rewards? Or are the horny pathetic advantageous lads just that generous to give the Strippers $5 bills.... Or maybe there is some kind of system, where the men kind of count and then after 5 tricks (??) they give the strippers the corresponding amount of money.. Or perhaps Canadian strippers are just that good, that it warrants spending upwards of $5 instead of dirty American strippers who only derserve ones?? Oooo, maybe it comes down to economics, and our fives are really just worth the same as a $1 bill....

This may just come down to me being too naive, but let me know what you think, or enlighten me with the reality of the situation :)

Still pondering--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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