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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching Up.

So it has been quite a while since I have shared my life with you lucky followers :)

Here is some more.

There are some things that come to my attention right away, and some that I am sure I have forgotten which is very unfortunate for every party involved-boo!  I have not been reading quite as much recently, which will hopefully be remedied after this dreadful prison I call University loosens its death grip on me.  Geesh. I am SOOO ready for summer!! Only one more week of class, and then two more weeks of exams, and I will be free! Cue rejoicing music (perhaps Rolling in the Deep by Adele-which I happen to be very obsessed with at the moment, although I do question its validity to this context).

To update on the ever changing yet interesting status of The Hunger Games movie, more specifically, the casting, I am still not quite satisfied. The role of Katniss has gone to Jennifer Lawrence, which I don't really have an opinion on other than to mention that I am absolutely elated that the role did not go to Alyson Stoner! I feel that Jennifer Lawrence should do the role justice, if they can manage to convey her properly physically. As for the more important people, in my opinion (well really only one person): Peeta. So I was completely overjoyed to learn that Liam Hemsworth was being considered, until I found out that he was being considered for Gale and not Peeta. I think a little piece of me died actually. I really do not want this to happen for two reasons: a) Liam fits perfectly into what I want Peeta to look like and be, and b) if he does in fact end up playing Gale, then I know that I will end up rooting for Gale in the movies (not unlike what happened in the Twilight franchise when god sexpot hottie Taylor Lautner conveyed Jacob so completely perfectly and muscularly), and this is not what I want to happen! I love Peeta Mellark, and I do not want to forget about him as I have Edward Cullen!!

Note To Future Self: Holly, I know that you are very easily swayed, but do not, under any circumstances, root for Gale.  Peeta is perfect, remember Peeta? Your lover? Katniss's saviour? 
Bottom Line: Peeta > Gale.

Moving on....

I don't know if anyone has seen the new Ke$ha video (I am also not certain that it can be considered new, as I do not watch music videos that often)... It is sooooo twisted! I actually had to call Cait into the living room, and she like never watches music videos, pretty much as a rule. I don't remember the last time I was so completely flabbergasted and speechless. And it's not like her other videos have been even remotely close to normalcy.. So long story short, there are creepy unicorn headed humans, and this just commences the non-sensical bull-pucky. Like I mean that in the most literal way... she says something about a bear, and the president, and getting elected to.. ibikistan?? So this segues into the song, which is completely unrelated to the video content. And then James Van Der Beek, whom I haven't seen in forever, appears, and goes on to partake in a very creepy and not at all funny way. He uses the whole "Key-dollar sign-Ah" joke that was, like, totes already done in Glee? Like hellloooo?? Lame-o... This is right around the time when I finally called Cait in to view this atrocity (seeing as she is pretty much obsessed with Dawson's Creek), and we returned to the living room, just to sync up perfectly with Van Der Douche and his creepy pelvic thrusting.. So pretty much the rest of the video is what appears to be a rainbow-lazer-tag war between the two. Overall, very strange...

One must ask themself: why in the world would James want to be in this video/what could Ke$ha's people possibly offer him that would be enough to outweigh the humiliation? I must admit that he did look quite dashing with this hairstyle (not the long blonde hair that makes me want to gag), even if he was apparently wearing a bra..

Another Fun Fact from this week: I met the Harlem Globetrotters! More accurately, I saw said Trotters, and met one of them. They came into the mall where I work (and might I add that they are freakishly impressively tall) and one of them came into our store, and purchased his 5-Hour Energy and Tiger balm from yours truly. I felt remarkably special :)

I have also seen a few movies since I last posted, and will preceed to tell you all about them now:

Red Riding Hood
I finally saw this after reading the book, and I must admit it was pretty creepy, and like most cases, I did enjoy the book better. I actually didn't expect this to be the result because, in this case, the book was based off of the movie. But there was still much more character and plot development in the book. So kudos to the author on that. Having said that, I still think that the movie was pretty good, and the most remarkable thing in my mind is the amazing casting of the gorgeous dudes that play the leading men. Like wow. Perfection. The two guys in the love triangle were so perfect, and signified the good and bad themes perfectly. Good did prevail in this case, for me, ergo I am amazingly obsessed with Max Irons! He is so yummy, but moreover, he acted spectacularly, and I think he conveyed the emotions stupendously. The acting in the entire movie was overall well done, and I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a fantastically creepy, and slightly thrilling movie!

Due Date
I have been wanting to watch this movie for a while, and was not disappointed. It was very funny, and Zach Ga-blah-blah-watsit and Robert Downy Jr. complemented each other perfectly. The plot wasn't golden, but the humour outweighed in all aspects!

I have also been wanting to watch this movie for what seems like eons after reading the book, but probably put it off as long as I did because I was slightly disappointed with the book. The movie, though, was better. I loved the actor playing Bryce, because I did just see him in I Am Number Four (see how easy it is to please me/how easily I can be swayed? All you need to do is be associated with something that I like!). I found the movie very cute and more dynamic than the book, and it definitely had a better ending, leaving the romance aspect open for Julie and Bryce, which I felt was not portrayed properly in the book. Unless I am just not remembering correctly, which is completely plausible, since I do read sooo many books. If I am wrong, don't hesitate to comment and let me know your thoughts :)

Well I guess this is all for now.. I will try and post more often, and if there is anything specific you would like to know my opinion on, or a movie you want me to see, don't hesitate to mention it!

More after the devil University is done with me--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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