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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Covergasms♥ (3)

Covergasms♥ is an original Book♥Hooker feature that discusses all things cover related!

Today's Covergasms♥ post is brought to you by Bumped-Megan McCafferty's new dystopian novel that comes out today!

In celebration of her new novel, I'm going to showcase the covers of her amazing Jessica Darling series: Enjoy!

All of these covers are awesome, and most importantly, they match! There is nothing worse than a series that decides (I'm not really sure who does make this awful decision!) to change their covers half way through the series, or even multiple times throughout. I mean why? Why? WHY??

Anywho, I love the covers, I love the titles, I love the stripes, and I love the pictures. They are different in their own way, but still tied together perfectly. I absolutely adore that they all have that little graphic that says 'a novel' but still contributes so much to the uniformity of the series, and gives us clues into the plot of the novels! Totally rad, I say!

I must admit, I'm not usually a fan of books that showcase real people/photographs, but this one works perfectly and shows the diversity that the novels attest to.

Love it, love it, love it! 

This series is a definite must-read, and the content is even better than the covers, if that's even possible...

Spread the love--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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