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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Was a Teenage Popsicle by Bev Rosenbaum

Teenage girls always want to be cool. But frozen is another story. 

Floe Ryan was frozen-or 'vitrified'-at sixteen. She and her parents had a rare disease, so it was their only choice until a cure was found. Now she's been thawed and it's ten years in the future-but she's still a teenager. And her parents are still chilling out...

So now her little sister is her older sister, and she's making Floe suffer for every snotty thing she ever did. It's hard getting used to...not to mention a new school, new technology, and a zillion other new things that happened while she was napping in the freezer. Luckily, she has Taz, the hottie skater boy who was a popsicle too, so they get to reintegrate together. But now they're trying to close the Venice Beach Cryonics Center-with Floe's parents still in it! It's up to her to save the clinic and her parents-so she can finally have a somewhat normal life.                                                  -Fantastic Fiction

It seems like I always say this, but I have wanted to read this book for a while, which can only be explained by the fact that I have a very large ongoing booklist that dates back, like, 5 years or more. This was actually one of the books that I was most excited about, which is why it got purchased before the other ones on the list.

Let me say that it did not deliver. Whether or not this is the case just for me or not, I do not know. I have seen a handful of other reviews on the book which were all very positive, which makes me think that it is possibly my age contributing to my absolute loathing of the plot-line and cheesy clichés. (Ironically, though, I did really relate with the writing style, and found myself thinking many times that it seemed like something I would write or say, but the content was just crap... so... writing style = good, plot = crap).

Having said that, my reading style has been evolving at a pretty rapid pace lately, and I have been finding that I am not as interested in the cookie-cutter light, fun chick-lit reads that used to make me feel light and giddy way back when. That is why I am going to say that I hypothesize this book to be a good pick for the youngon's but really no one else. And that's all I'm really gonna say, as I refuse to let this book take up any more of my time that could be spent reading the next best book, with COMPLEX plot lines or really just mediocre plausibility.

Bitter, I know--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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