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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(Related) Reminiscent Reads (6)

Reminiscent Reads is a feature that Cait at A Life Like Mine and I started recently to showcase the books we have read before starting our blogs. From time to time we will choose a few, good/bad, related/not, and do a mini-review explaining a little bit about the plot and our overall opinions.

It's been so long! This edition of Reminiscent Reads is of the related kind! I decided it'd been few and far between since I wrote about a series of books that I've read in the past, which is so unfortunate, because a lot of the reading I've done thus far falls into the series category. So here goes, a random series that I started reading a while ago, and finished earlier this year...

The Celebutantes Series by Antonio Pagliarulo:
     Ok, so a little bit of background info: I absolutely loved these books when I first picked them up, I read the first one so quickly and found it fun and sassy. Then, I recently decided to finish off the series (it is only comprised of 3 books, and the last installment had been published for years). It was one of those books that has been sitting on my shelf, and on my booklist, for so long, when I finally picked it up.

     Let's just say that I was mildly disappointed... It's not that the books changed at all from the first time I read the first two scandalously trendy novels, it was simply that I had changed (which I find has been a recurring theme lately). Having said that, I still recommend this series to any young, teen girl who is looking for the next frilly, stylish, mysterious, if light, narrative.



Like I said earlier, I first delved into this series when I was in high school, and I immediately loved it. It was so fun and girly, but still adventurous and murder-mysterious. We are introduced to three sisters who are all very different but still all very much the quintessential rich, spoiled, famous brand of Celebutante. Madison, Park, and Lexington (who comprise the famous Hamilton triplets) live the easy life until someone gets murdered and they have to sacrifice their social lives to save the day. In retrospect, I probably should have forseen that this didn't make for literature gold, but it was still super entertaining nonetheless, and the 16 year old version of me is smiling inside at the glorious memories of this exciting book.



I read the second book shortly after the first (I really couldn't get enough!) and loved it just as much. We see the crazy Hamilton triplets once again navigate through their rich New York City lifestyle complete with designer clothes, boyfriends, and cars. And yet again there is of course drama a-brewin' for these fun loving Celebutantes, who usually have narry a care in the world. Of course it was predictable, but still a really fun read, filled with lots of things that keep a young high school girl reading late when her parents think she's sleeping (then again, maybe that was just me?).



As aformentioned, I did read the last book in the series a considerable time after the first two, but was still quite excited at the prospect of reading what I remembered as one of my favourite series. Let's just say I was slightly disappointed. It's not that the book changed, nor Park, Lex or Madison. I changed, and even though I could still appreciate the things that I once yearned for in the other books, I still couldn't wait to get to something a little more heartfelt and sincere. These books kind of lack the things that I now look for in books, and since I have read soo many different books, it becomes really easy for me to identify, right off the bat, which books have that spark of infinite wisdom or not. Unfortunately for the triplets, this case is a definite not! But like I said, I definitely think that there are lots of teen girls out there that would devour these books, and look up to the care-free, bubbly, independent Hamilton girls.

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word!--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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