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Monday, March 7, 2011

Long time, no blog...

So since I reinvented my blog, so to speak, I haven't been blogging as often.  I decided to target my blog more to books, and omit the television component because it was simply too much to keep up with, and was finding that for some shows, I really had to try and say things because some of the episodes weren't really comment worthy.  So of course I will still mention memorable moments on my day to day posts.  But that will be all. 

You will also notice that I changed my blog name to Book♥Hooker. I wanted to change it a) because there were already numerous blogs named ChatterBug and, like of course when I get famous this is soo not acceptable, duh! tehe. b) because I wanted something more targeted to book reviews, because that is what I want my blog to be about, a place where book lovers can come to read reviews and such, and c) I also wanted something more original.

So I chose Book♥Hooker because I wanted something that was related to books, obviously, and because I thought it was fun.  I wanted something to show that books are my passion, but in a totally fun way, like me :)
And thus Book♥Hooker was born.  I just hope that people get that I don't have sex with books for money. (I do not).
Bottom-line: let me know what you think of my new and improved blog so far☺

Now coming full circle, I must say that since I altered my blog, I do not seem to have enough to blog about.  This being caused by the fact that I now need to complete a book before blogging about it.  But I do want to change that soon.  Just not in the near near future because I am really busy.  Which sucks, and let me just say that I am soooo ready for school to be over.  And Summer to start.  Well, not even summer.  I'd settle for spring.  Since it's completely hypothetical I would say Autumn, because that is my favourite season, but that would mean that school would be commencing again, and that is definitely not what I want.  So Spring it is.  Really just anything devoid of snow, and where the chances of getting more snow is pretty nil.

Case in point: After the Winter Casserole that we experienced over the weekend (that consisted of equal parts ice pellets (the weather network's term, not mine), rain, and then snow, actually waaaaay more rain than anything else) let's just say the daily commute has been a little slippery.  A lot slippery, actually, since Sunday.  And might I add that just because you work Downtown and in a pretty Skyscraper tower, does not mean that you are immune to snow, and can wear high heels in the height of winter storminess.  Like come on!, and definitely don't get in my way.  I will push you.  Just watch me.... (actually you will not, in fact, be able to watch me because I will come from behind like an ice-treading ninja, and knock you on your primped out ass!)

Oooo, also since the last time I blogged, I saw a few movies!, and now I will precede to tell you all about them.. YAY.

No Strings Attached
So yes, I admit, I went to see this solo, because Cait is a bully and saw it without me when I have been waiting for her to come to come with me to see it for, only, like, ever. (I'm just joking, I forgive you♥)
I thought it was alright. There is something about it though, that never really gelled with me.  I don't know if it's because I have been struggling with whether or not I hate or love Natalie Portman lately, or because I found the first sex scene between her and Ashton Kutcher so creepily disturbing.  After that it was pretty good, I mean, I love Ashton in anything.  I found that I couldn't really comit fully to Natalie's character though, but I don't know if that is due to the aforementioned notion, or because her character was just really unlikeable and cold altogether.  I did absolutely adore the secondary characters though, and the parallel relationship between Patrice and Eli to be just fantastical!

I Am Number Four
So obviously I have to say something about this movie.  I read the book (because I wanted to see the movie) and I am absolutely obsessed with Alex Pettyfer.  Even more so now!  The movie was actually kinda different from the book, which surprised me only because I think since I read the book right before (which is not usually the case with book-to-movie films) I was expecting it to be identical.  I actually kind of liked how everything went down in the movie, despite it being slightly different, and wasn't really angry like I usually am when this occurs.  I would change the fact, however, that they didn't really talk enough about the planet and all of the history, and also I am completely flabbergasted that they didn't include the training scenes.  I mean, I understand that there is only so much content that can be woven into a 2 hour movie, but at least a little bit could have been touched on!  I also now view Diana Agron in a totally different way.  She is so mature in the movie, and so different from her pretty shallow character in Glee.  I definitely look at her completely different now, and am really looking forward to seeing what else she can do.

Also a book-to-movie film, and also one that I have been waiting to come out for over 2 years!  I first learned that this book was being turned into a movie when I was in my first year, 2008, and read the book then (actually, I borrowed it from this exact library).  It was supposed to come out, I think two times last year, but continued to get pushed to a later date, so I was understandably elated when I learned that it's debut was so soon!  And it definitely didn't disappoint.  Which is pretty amazing to say the least because I went in with a pretty pessimistic attitude, since I absolutely loathe Vanessa Hudgens.  But she also surprised me, and I found her overall quite likeable.  Of course Alex Pettyfer was completely delectable, and also turned out to bring quite a bit of humour into the movie as well.  Also a sure thing was Neil Patrick Harris, who I was actually a little bit weary of seeing in this movie, my thinking being that it would be too serious for him.  He was in fact fantastic as well, and really quite hilarious.  Me and Cait also loved all of the parallelisms to the original Beauty and the Beast, one of our favs.

I really do hope that Alex Pettyfer is cast in the lead of one of my favourite book series getting projected on the big screen, The Mortal Instruments.  I think he would be absolutely perfection playing Jace Wayland

More after Reading--Cheers & Enjoy♥

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